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In Malayalam its referred to Cat
Thathamme poocha poocha
by FlexBoy May 19, 2009
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This word means fear and superstition as used by indians in America and India.

In Ireland it means fairies who are evil and come out at night to commit mischief.
It is believed evil comes to facture the dreams of children and bad things are associate with this word.

As a child my imaginary friend was named poocha. I have had special abilities since I was a child and recently as an adult I researched this word and this is what I found. Although I have never felt affraid of poocha myself. It is still very real to me, not just a childhood friend.

Tonight I learned my grandmother had the same name for her childhood friend. My family says I used to look as though I saw things even though I wouldn't say so, "but I did". I have had blood on walls of my homes and to many occurances to mention. And many encounters with spirits I have seen. I also am constantly asked if I have Indian in me. I have the bone structure of a Native American but cannot find it in my family tree. Although I feel so clothes to their culture and those of native heritage seem to be drawn to me. I have so much research to do on this. I expected the word to be something good. My name could also be used by Indians. I hope none of you are touched by an evil poocha or pooka.
by HonkyTonkAngel May 29, 2009
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VERB: to soak up, with bread, any leftover 'juices' left behind after fininshing a meal

BACKGROUND: the polite way to consume any sauces, dressing, etc. leftover after finishing a meal without rudely slurping them up.
In order to poocha the lingering pasta sauce left over in his plate, he used a piece of bread to soak it up.
by Kristen April 06, 2004
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when you are showering and someone comes in the bathroom and takes a shit.
tim laid down a harcore poocha when i was bathing.

man that was some poocha
by brett February 10, 2004
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