As in Al Capone (the notorious gangster/ murder); to beat up, hurt, mess up
(After someone really pisses you off)

I'm gonna 'pone his ass!
by Lil Bootie December 15, 2008
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Another term for bone, or own. It used as an alternative. Hence Pone.
My Guitar solo is gonna be good.
Dude you are going to pone.
by steven March 02, 2005
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Kick-ass, beating up someone, winning something, damage. Used for video games or extreme sports.
Aaron poned Halo 3 in a matter of hours.
I could easily pone someone while snowboarding.
by Kaylee Buttons October 10, 2007
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A uncommon misspell of the word pwn. Usually misspelled by losers who live under a rock. But then again, the word was made by losers in the first place who live in their mom's basement. So what REALLY better? Living under a rock or i your mom's basement? You know what? Skip the part where I said that only losers misspell it. cuz losers are the ones who made it up so the people who misspell actually have a life.
NERD/LOSER:"You totally pwn noobs in Black Ops!"
PERSON WHO HAS A LIFE: "Nah. You spell it like 'pone'. Why would you even put a 'w'? What the hell is the point?" I mean, come on."
NERD/LOSER: "The point is it's coolio! I am a spiffy cool person so I would know how to spell pwn!"
PERSON WHO HAS A LIFE: "Whatever. I'm gonna go hang out with actual people instead of some avatar whose virtual boobs losers stare at all day because they never actually get a date."
by fgjjfjfjfjfj March 09, 2011
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How retarded people spell pwn. The word pwn is a typo of the word own, so spelling it pone is just idiotic.
Noob: We poned their team in Counter Strike

Average Person: It's spelled pwned, idiot.

Noob: No, it's spelled pone. Why would it be spelled with a "w"?

Average Person: Because it's a typo of own, and it came from Warcraft III.

Noob: Whatever
by Terrazine August 26, 2011
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