dude i totally poned that hot chick last night at that party
by ASHthug July 11, 2008
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a swolled up corruption of nasty. Most common on the indigenous american crackwhore after sitting on the greyhound bus too long. also noted to be found in the orifices of gi-normous greasy fat putang and asscracks. Be very careful to not aggravate the pone as this may lead to a spontaneous eruptation of the pones pustulations.
Simply put..... a gross red mountainous area of pus.
I gotz to go to the ER to get my pones drained and shit. It's ahhhight my tenncare 'll pay evaday!!
by erin1 August 21, 2006
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An extremeley ambiguous reference to sexual interaction between two parties. Though the term (which often sounds quite amazingly slick because it resembles its root word "bone") can powerfully create a sexual connection between the two parties being referenced, it often leaves the nature of that connection open ended (and thus it can sound really fucking annoying if abused or used incorrectly). I mean...in the best sense it should be used in equivalence with it's root. However, this is often far from the case.
The Rockstar exclaimed, "I want to pone that bitch," which lead us to understand that he had a sexual attraction to that fucking slut (who was definitely ponable in sight), though we were unable to reject the null hypothesis that he just wants to make out with the bitch (you know, to prevent any bullshit, like crabs for instance).
by nesia January 16, 2006
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a slang term used for the words pussy or poon and someone who is being a bitch.
Don't be a fucking pone.
by ChiggySoKoolLOL January 24, 2009
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to masterbate
(PWN is pronounced Own(Noobs say pone))

"Dude I'm totally going to pone you."
"WHAT?! Wait! Get your hand out of my pants!"
by IPWNUTT April 27, 2007
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1. abbrev. a pony tail.
2. a person, likely a male, who sports a pony tail.
3. any singularly packaged amount of beer, e.g. a can, bottle, or keg.
4. a "groovy" or interesting dude.

See poner.
1. did you see that dude's pone? It was totally sweet/totally gross!
2. hey, check out that pone crossing the street!
3. whaddaya say, you wanna get a six pack of pones?
by plaquemouth October 12, 2006
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for example, "Man, that band pones! i love them!".

get what i mean?
by ain December 12, 2007
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