Being uncaring and indifferent to other people's feelings.
"Laura is being a bitch about the situation."
by Laura Bunny December 13, 2013
When your boy want to go out on a Saturday and party and you stay at home with a couple of girls to watch movies and eat chocolate
Hey Greg lets go party. So bro I'm being a bitch
by Natebate13 March 19, 2016
Not letting your friend play after losing while playing like trash
Cyr stop being a bitch, you just went 0-10 in gears of war.
by Mfootballd June 3, 2018
When your boy wants to party on a Saturday night and you stay home to eat chocolate and watch movies with a couple of girls
Hey Greg lets go party
Greg- sorry man I'm being a bitch
by Natebate13 March 19, 2016
Native preference. It’s pretty wild and somehow legal.
“Man in Alaska they have a thing called native preference that they can claim on job applications. It’s pretty wild and somehow legal.” “Oh yeah that’s called being a bitch”
by That guy 175672 December 14, 2019
An Insult to use when you want to hurt someones feelings. A low life's feelings in particularly. You make the relevancy that their life is meaningless and should have never been born.
You No BUsiness being Born Bitch .... youre so lazy and have no life.
by Natasha Tori June 30, 2020
The opposite of "manning up". Pussy. The opposite of having balls.
Our customer owes us money and rather than call to arrange payments with our boss has gone around him and is being a little bitch.
by Nicole's Wisdom December 17, 2015