Pones is derived from Danny Jones & Dougie Poynter of McFLY fame, coupling the pair's last names, merging them together.

They are the most popular'slash' fandom pairing coming from the band McFLY.

It is an abbreviation of 'Poynter-Jones' and can also be said as 'Joynter', reversing the dominant surname.
Pones is my OTP! It's my favourite slash pairing ever!
by Claire Thackray January 30, 2009
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actual word=pwn

easy way to find a n00b on the internet.
dude im gonna pone you!
WTF...N0oB! *pwns*
by crazo May 21, 2008
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The idiot's way to spell pwn.

Pwn orignated from World Of Warcraft, where someone misspelled the word owned, and turned into pwned. Therefore, poned, or pone, makes no sense.
Guy 1:Haha that stupid kid got poned!!
Guy 2:You moron, it's not pone, it's pwn! Pwned, he got pwned!
by Fishhh. May 20, 2009
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The new form of internet term "own". Developed by Ascended_PK 2006.
Man, I lyke totally PONED that n00b..

by Ascended September 05, 2006
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