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Brony-speak for pony, usually in slang.
by Donarsson September 7, 2013
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DUDE!! this pone is AWESOME!!!
(check wiki.)
by 12312312 May 14, 2008
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The idiot's way to spell pwn.

Pwn orignated from World Of Warcraft, where someone misspelled the word owned, and turned into pwned. Therefore, poned, or pone, makes no sense.
Guy 1:Haha that stupid kid got poned!!
Guy 2:You moron, it's not pone, it's pwn! Pwned, he got pwned!
by Fishhh. May 21, 2009
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To "own" someone, as in a game; to defeat, conquer
You got poned, n00b.
by CaptainPooka June 24, 2005
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A uncommon misspell of the word pwn. Usually misspelled by losers who live under a rock. But then again, the word was made by losers in the first place who live in their mom's basement. So what REALLY better? Living under a rock or i your mom's basement? You know what? Skip the part where I said that only losers misspell it. cuz losers are the ones who made it up so the people who misspell actually have a life.
NERD/LOSER:"You totally pwn noobs in Black Ops!"
PERSON WHO HAS A LIFE: "Nah. You spell it like 'pone'. Why would you even put a 'w'? What the hell is the point?" I mean, come on."
NERD/LOSER: "The point is it's coolio! I am a spiffy cool person so I would know how to spell pwn!"
PERSON WHO HAS A LIFE: "Whatever. I'm gonna go hang out with actual people instead of some avatar whose virtual boobs losers stare at all day because they never actually get a date."
by fgjjfjfjfjfj March 10, 2011
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To take over (a task or responsibility) from someone else.
To make a unilateral decision to assign yourself as the person to resolve an issue.
Ryan's just going to pone the JIRA ticket from Peter.
by AndrewMcL April 16, 2009
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way to say something sounds great, alike "poggers"
this song is pone!
by moonetta April 20, 2021
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