Pones is derived from Danny Jones & Dougie Poynter of McFLY fame, coupling the pair's last names, merging them together.

They are the most popular'slash' fandom pairing coming from the band McFLY.

It is an abbreviation of 'Poynter-Jones' and can also be said as 'Joynter', reversing the dominant surname.
Pones is my OTP! It's my favourite slash pairing ever!
by Claire Thackray January 30, 2009
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To ram in the ass; to buttfuck in a gay or lesbian manner. Not to be confused with the word pwned as they do in fact mean two entirely different things.
I poned you (I buttfucked you).

You just suffered some major ponage! (You just suffered some major ass-rammage).
by blackholedying August 19, 2008
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Something the Jonas Brothers messed up. Poser lingo for the internet slang word 'pwned' as in being owned or disgraced by someone else.
10 Year old Jonas Brothers Fan: Omg liek you got poned.

Me: Its 'pwned' you stupid fuck
by ItAiNmTOSCA September 21, 2008
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A word to used in place of "majorly stoned" when you are in a public place. poned = blazed to the max (from smoking weed).
"I only had two hits of that grade and I am soooo poned."
by Mistress Q February 6, 2008
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To have had sex. Not the same as pwned.
"Dude, I totally poned her last night!!"
by Applehead08 March 9, 2010
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a misspelled form of the misspelled word "pwned." usually said by 12 year old Jonas Brothers fans who are complete tools of the Jonas Brothers. Jonas Brothers also take credit for the creation of "poned" when really it was formed on the internet.
Sally: oh my god, you got poned
John: it's "pwned" you dumb fuck
by cashmere9969 May 29, 2008
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i dumb ass was to say a stupid ass word!

owned, started as a mis-type
dont use poned. if you do your not ''cool''
by supra caution February 28, 2010
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