Dude 1:Whaddaya want for your lunch?
Dude 2: Caviare.
by uttam maharjan June 29, 2012
same as 'what are you'
whaddaya dooin?
by Valyn May 16, 2003
Something that one says when they are surprised by an outcome of a situation or when they are surprised to hear something.
Thought my next tattoo is going to be a gang tattoo but whaddaya know, it's gonna be bees.
by invisibleavocado June 17, 2017
I have two words for the children who are raised up on the this kids' show starring Homsar: HELD BACK. REPEATING THE THIRD GRADE. LOW STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES. I GUESS THIS IS MORE THAN TWO WORDS.
Singers: We'll have an adventure and several long trips. We'll make some new friends and maybe get a bite to eat! All 'cause we say...
Kids: Whaddaya Know Haddi-Man?
Homsar: DAAAAAAAAH! I'm a trendy tote bag!
by SMD August 19, 2004
A phrase that is used by a friend of mine, who claims it is just a phrase, but whenever he says it, it all sounds like one word.
Chris: Dude Fucking, Whaddaya call it? Did you do your math homework?


Dude fucking all last night I was up playing Oblivion...
by LynchMob10-09 November 18, 2008