In certain communities, null can be defined as the fetishism of characters without genitals and/or other defining bits. Null fetish usually tends to be accompanied by suggestive poses and more cartoony anatomy.
"I grew up with cartoons which probably helped develop my null fetish."
by yourerealname666 January 11, 2021
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1. Of or relating to nothing; nothingness.
2. Javascript, when a propertie has the equalness of zero, etc.
1. My bedroom is just null.
2. The command prompt asked me to type my name. I hit 'Enter' without typing a name, and on the webpage, it said 'Hello, null! Welcome to my site!'
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 11, 2003
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Unfortunately nobody can be told what the NULL is…
NULL is the value that we can not define. This is special value used in db that is given to the field when no value was assigned. In practical life we can consider it as no value. It is not zero, it is not letter or any other character this is something that can not be used.
by oc September 12, 2003
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Someone so stupid, naive and ignorant that they can't even be called basic.
"You should be nicer to her, nulls don't have it as easy as you."

"Ignore her posts on IG/FB/Twitter. He can't help it, he's null."
by flowernoseone May 11, 2016
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null or null-o means zero, no more, not there, absent,lacking, broke($). and many more...
I'd like to be in null-o gravity.
>Bill, how much you got? Dude I got null.
by Theodore Logan April 21, 2003
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Guy 1: just imagine eating dog shit!
Guy 2: null!
by Manhat December 18, 2009
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short for funnel as in funnel a beer as in pour a beer into a funnel attactched to a tube and down it in less then 5 seconds.
a. yo bra, lets go null some brews and get trashed
b. i can null a brewski faster then anyone
by jah-master June 3, 2006
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