When a politician has contradicted themselves with a selection of conflicting statements that they wont stand by or choose one of the selection to double down a position and give confidence, they just tactically slime their way around giving false confidence as and when it suits their agenda
"...yeah but Borris has promised *literally anything* "

"pfft, that polymorphic-dipshit can't keep his dick in his pants let alone a promise backed by integrity."
by Poojinky September 2, 2021
It means your basically f*cked. You can't do anything. Your stuck inside, like a vampire. Watching all your friends hang out in the sun where you can't. Your iching like hell and yeah you get the point.
Person 1: hey why can't that girl come outta her house. She's just there.

Person 2: oh yeah she has polymorphic light eruption. So basically she's a vampire.
by Green_Unicorn420 March 31, 2018
A metaphor to illustrate the beauty of a piace of code that use object oriented programming in the right way.
Programmer 1: "We are proposing a huge refactoring of the current code, by introducing objects and classes. This will give us a code that is more understandable, easily reusable and extendible."
Manager:"Ok, I'm always in favour of cleaning up the code. For me, you can build a polymorphism cathedral."
by The cathedral builder December 2, 2017