tylenol 3's. used in combination with alcohol to get fucked up. total muscle relaxant and headache and pain releif.
"hey man, you got any t3's?"
by jilldo December 28, 2004
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Tylenol #3s they are equal to roughly 4 Tylenol 1s or 2 Tylenol 2s. They are also the most commonly prescribed pain medication in Canada, also one of the most abused due to its ability to get the user hooked very fast and its tendency to cause the user to up their dosage in order to feel the same effects over and over.
Tylenol 3s or as they are known on the streets T3s, are great for short term moderate to severe pain. In long term pain cases the drug of choice for most physicians is Oxycontin, Percodan or percocets, or in svere cases morphine. All are codeine based and are stand in substitutes for Morphine or intravenous Heroin users as they mimic the effects of heroin at large doses. I.E. the nods, euphoria, and sleepiness. Start with around 3-4 pills for beginners and ride out your high, you may take gravol with them to lessen the effects of nausea, but avoid stomach coating agents like Gaviscon or Pepto as these will slow or totally impede passage of the drug through the stomach walls and into the blood stream. However to much gravol will bend your trip into a pseudo-hallucinogenic trip . The easiest way is to take one gravol for every 3-4 tylenols. The worst side effects of codeine are stomach discomfort, vomiting, extreme dizziness, and itching. The nausea can be taken care if by gravol, the itching with 1 or 2 benadryls. However never go above 400mg of codeine in one sitting, the reason for this is not only the danger of overdose, but the simple fact that codeine has ceiling effect only 400 mg of codeine will be broken down into morphine in the liver, the rest is wasted either by vomiting, or through urinary wastes. Also the next day or if planning to do pain killers for longer periods of time it is advisable to add more bran to your diets, high fibre cereals amd bran muffins etc. cover this great. Because of the codeines ability to cause constipation you should also have some kaoepectate on hand.
by Bobby Morning Owl March 12, 2008
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Is the next step up from a T1 line as T2 was bypassed. T3 is close to 30 times faster as a T1 (1.54 mps) line and moves data at 44.73 megabits per second in both upload and download modes.
The T3 is too pro for me.
by Larstait November 12, 2003
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Tomorrows Technology Today. An awesome club at San Ramon Valley High School that maintains crappy iMacs in the S4 classroom and make them work into an 8 player LAN party.
Dude, the T3 club installed Starcraft, Diablo II, and Counter-strike on the imacs! How did they do that?
by Maceart May 29, 2005
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something to do on J4 - hand over our hard-earned money to Hollywood gladhanders/tinselmen...ah, freedom to do so...
by Ian - hump wild - C July 3, 2003
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Not only the coolest guy ever, but the sexiest. T3 his nickname, but more commonly known as Tommy, He may be the coolest, but people always seem to treat him like a pack mule. And last of all, he gets no lovin.
T3 is the coolest guy ever.
by guess February 16, 2005
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