(plural Crowd Control) Abbreviation: CC

1. a. The ability to limit, prevent, or influence an opponent's movement or actions in a game. b. A spell or ability possessed by a player to do so.
2. a. Crowd containment, direction, and comfort to maintain safety and order. b. A product used to do so.
1. Our team needs more crowd control to chase down fleeing enemies.
2. Effective crowd control prevented a riot from breaking out in the packed stadium.
by Ender-A December 21, 2009
Giving a girl such an intense facial that she is knocked back four or more feet. Just like a fire hose on an angry mob.
I saved up for 25 days just to give Samantha a massive Crowd Control.
by Brian H November 6, 2004
A position designated for keeping unarmed personnel and civilians from exiting a given area or contacting authorities in the event of a hostage situation, such as a bank robbery.
"This lunatic Adam was on crowd control and with his itchy trigger finger popped two tellers for screamin' too loud."
by rma1 May 16, 2010
Anti-diarrheal medication
Ever farted and it stinks? Well that's a fart "passing through a crowd" (crowd=shit). So, "crowd control" is Imodium.
by SARAH-HYENA October 19, 2010
What riot police engage in when they deem a crowd to get too rowdy/angry/violent at a protest or demonstration. usually performed with the help of fire hoses, pepper spray, riot stick etc. sadly, real bullets have been known to perform quite well too (ex. tien-an-men square)
"Those protesters just threw a molotow at us. time to start some crowd control"
by KosiceSlovak March 13, 2008
When you walk-up to someone annoying you and you announce you farted, even when you didn't, just to get them to leave your space.
I really need to do some crowd control, this party is getting out of hand.
by barnstormer January 27, 2023