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A set of movies that were made in the 70's to 2001. This is a collection of real and fake deaths and other crazy crap. This should not be viewed by anyone with weak hearts or who are sensive. They are very gory and violent.
I watched this movie and i can't get those images out of my head!
by ganban May 25, 2005

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When someone gets a item or thing for a very low price he/she could say:That's a steal!
I got this pot at a yard sale and it was only 10 cents! That's a steal!
by ganban May 23, 2005

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A type of trojan horse that changes with every server that is created by the server generator. The server generator uses a pseudo-random algorithm to create new, unique and random sequences of code instructions with every server that is created. The result is thousands, sometimes millions of possible different mutations of the one trojan, all of which have unique code - this makes detection very difficult, and today we see that only a few scanners can handle polymorphics.
The world's most polymorphic trojan at present is the Donald Dick.
by ganban May 23, 2005

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A card game where you use a standard 52 deck of cards and there can be as many players as you want. The dealer hands out all the cards til there's none left. Each player can look at there cards and the first person lays down a card face down and says the card he put down. It starts as a ace so you would put down A card and say that BUT it could be anything else other then a real ace. If another player say's cheats! and you put a fake ace and its not a ace you must pick up the whole pile in the middle where you put down cards though the game. If you put down a real ace and some one said cheats then he must pick up the whole pile in the middle. You win the game by losing all your cards and it get's very hard at the end when you have litte cards left and you must lie alot. You can also put down more then 1 of the same card like you would say "3 jacks!" and you can lie there also and jokers are wild. This game is also known to be called bullshit like in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
I played cheats last night and layed down 4 queens and got away with it!
by ganban May 28, 2005

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A gameshow where players anwser up to 7 questions and can win up to $250,000. This gameshow is much different then anty other gameshow because the players have to lay down in a chair while strapped to a heart-rate monitor. If the contestant gets nervous then he will lose money until he can get his heart rate under control. The funny thing is its hosted by John McEnroe and you can't keep your eye's closed or he will say "don't do that!". In the middle of the game somthing will happen that could rise you heart beat high and you must keep your cool.
Did you watch McEnroe whack tennis balls at the players in the chair?
by ganban May 24, 2005

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To be dumb or retarded,not thinking right. The reason being because on AM radio you can't get a signal at all somtimes.
Your being AM this morning.
by ganban June 07, 2005

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Words that don't exactly rhyme,but are close enough to be something.
lard lad
poop pot
need nerd
cunt cut
by ganban June 07, 2005

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