1. Scot's slang for police.
2. Turkish for police.
1. Run ya cunt the polis are comin'
by brendan September 21, 2004
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1.In Scotland, slang for police.
2.A city/state like ancient Athens. Athenian citizens voted in a pure democracy. Polis now means city, community, or those in power. Politics comes from the same word, as well as words like police and metropolis. "Apo tin akri tis polis" (From the edge of the city) was an outstanding gay movie that was Greece's official entry for the Best Foreign Film Academy Award.
"I really don't think of L.A. as a polis. It's too big. San Francisco, yes, but L.A. looks like one big strip mall."

"I heard Alexander the Great, accompanied by his lovers Hephaestion and Bagoas, established a polis in Eygpt called Alexandria. Its library housed many of the world's greatest books."

by Bryce Digdug August 16, 2006
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(Noun)1 - a person of extreme gayness, a faggot.
(Noun)2 - Someone or "something" that is exceptionally vexing.
(Noun)3 - a "blob" or an "ogre", a person that is unable of catching a ball yet has a massive body, and if utilized properly would be strong.
(Noun)4 - A person of severe stupidity and cheapness.
Example #1
Person 1 - Hey man! Go deep!
Person 2 - Glob! urgl! daahh (begins to run like a Hippopotamus)
Person 1 - (throws a rugby ball)
Person 2 - (Gets hit in the face and falls to the ground)
Person 1 - Hahaha! You are such a POLIS!!

Example #2
Person 1 - Hi there, I short of a penny and I really need to get home, could u maybe lend me one?
Person 1 - God damn it, don't be such a polis! Come On!
Person 2 - (Attempts to "mock" person 1 but trips over his feet, falls to the ground and breaking his wrist.
by George Kokoliiine May 29, 2005
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While being tested for gonorrhea, they put a q-tip in my polis.
by PolisLick November 5, 2011
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The exchange of conversation between two individuals.
by TOM November 18, 2004
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A guy who is shy at first, but once you get to know him, he is friendly, funny and overall social person. A Polis is a genuine, handsome, unique young man, but doesn't believe he is, he loves with all he can give, cares deeply for those that are closest to him, the most honest and respectful man, can always make you laugh, typically he is a shy fellow. A Polis is opened to anything, has a good sense of humor, very intelligent but doesn't realize it. He loves to have fun, makes friends with anyone he meets, he is the type of person you would want to have as a best friend. If you ever come across a Polis in your life, consider yourself lucky.
Its your boi Polis
by FlamingIceWolf August 31, 2019
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To get drunk and lock yourself in the bathroom before passing out.
He got wasted on tequila and pulled a Polie.
by Max Moose Man March 30, 2007
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