Its 2 scotish slang words..ya means you & cunt means (Fanny which also scotish slang for vagina/pussy),
"hey! ya cunt, go away"
by DjT1pz July 4, 2014
A torn-up, bloodied, diseased, festering, stench bearing injury caused by scuffing one's vaginal region into what becomes a busted, pus oozing, STD-transmitting cesspool of a Bucket Cunt.

Primarily used to describe one with:
-Freckled skin
-Pasty dull complexion
-Red-haired, Red Knob, Carrot-Top, Ginger Minger,
-Flaming-Flange, Hot-Box

These people are often renowned for their loose meat sandwiches and vaginal blood farting.

Commonly know as Essie-Jay
"Go scuff ya cunt. You silly tunnel cunted mole!!"
by 10" poles please steer clear October 31, 2004
Someone that is being stupid just a good insult
Stop hitting me

Stop hitting me ya fucking cunt
Oh garn get fucked
by Baileyboss500 November 23, 2017
When some bitch ass' girlfriend says you know nothing
oi ya fuckin cunt! I swear on me mum you know nothing cheeky bitch!

-Luke Cherney
by Luke Cherney February 17, 2016
listen here ya fat cunt
John- you succ
Me- listen here ya fat cunt
by Hurricane Jose September 29, 2017