The act of texting somebody nonsensical, ambiguous things while drunk. Basically like drunk dial-ing somebody through text.
Omg, the room is spinongo, i dont even remember vexing you
by ihatebuffering January 20, 2011
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noun phrase

Meaning "take no offense" or "I mean no ill will towards you." Used to lessen seemingly harsh statements into a more positively-connotative context.
"No vex bro, but it seems like you are gaining a lot of weight recently."

"I did not think you would end up with a girl that hot, no vex."
by chrountz October 29, 2019
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That had me vexed bro.
by Rar_ January 5, 2019
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To be angered at somebody or something
He was so vexxed at Kyle
by Relk March 30, 2005
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The Vex are an annoying race of time-traveling cybernetic War-Machines.

During the collapse, The Vex managed to turn Mercury into a machine in a matter of days.
Damn The Vex won't stop coming through that gate!
by 「Charles_James」 August 9, 2019
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Vex is Jamaican slang (patois) for to angry, to annoy.
Patois: John vex because him get lock out
English: John is upset because he got locked out
by IvyCruz April 21, 2021
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