derogatory term used for people from Poland, Polish descent and sometimes for other people from Eastern Europe
This polack lawyer is so rich!
by jebajsie May 5, 2009
a derogatory term for a Polish citizen or someone of Polish ancestry; the Polish are also stereotyped as being stupid
by Super Guy March 18, 2004
1. A person of Polish descent, who is unfortunately targeted by ignoramuses and fools as being dumb and stupid. Yeah, and the British/Americans are the ones talking...

2. A term used between Poles (teens) humorously, when talking about the incompetence of a person of their same kin. Usually considered offensive if a non-Pole says it (casually) to a Pole. (like "nigger" among Blacks)

Etymology - "Polack," from the Polish word "Polak," meaning male Pole, "Polka" is a female Pole.
Do you really need one, dipshit?
by February 13, 2004
Despite the ignorant (polish are stupid) misconception Polacks are one of the smartest nationalities in the world.
I know many intelligent polacks. Many have advanced degrees.
by joe February 27, 2005
1. A spelling of Polak used by retarded hicks that don't know that there is no c in the word.
Those hicks are so retarted, they cant even make fun of Polaks right cause they keep spelling it with a c, as in Polack referring to the fish.
by shdwsclan April 12, 2009
A derogatory term for a person of Polish decent. "Polack" is the German spelling that has most widely been adapted by Americans using the slur. Polacks are characterized as dumb and/or dirty. For more information, see the 2010 documentary film, Polack.
Many examples from television and film are shown the in the 2010 documentary film, Polack.
by Oculissinister February 15, 2011
A Polish Wizard of the Shakespearian Era from the country of Polackia. Known widely for their enchanting spells and limricks. Commonly associated with broomsticks, elves, and sausage.
Note: Polish people = non-magic bearing Polacks.
There goes a Polack across the sky!
by SmexyFaust January 22, 2009