29 definitions by shdwsclan

1. Black version of Robert Deniro.
2. Parody of Robert Deniro in GTA radio.
Man that Robert Denegro is so black and his acting sucks...
by shdwsclan May 25, 2009
1. A very rare bird, more rare than a regular dodo bird, since this one is completely black.
Man, have you ever seen a niggadodo, a black dodo bird...cause i have never...
by shdwsclan August 3, 2009
I dont wanna be checked up by Dr. Nigger, that Nigger dont know shiiiiiiiiii.....
by shdwsclan August 3, 2009
1. Non-derogatory term to describe africans. Its origins are traced back to the 14th century and comes from the latin word Maurus to describe the inhabitants of the Maghreb which are the Mauri, although in Spain those words are used to describe arabs and not blacks.
Murzyn is the correct spelling of Muzyn.
by shdwsclan April 12, 2009
1. A subsidiary of now-defunct Cingular Wireless. It had no credit checks was completely prepaid, especially for poor creditless niggers.
I'm gonna get myself a new phone a Niggular Wireless.
by shdwsclan August 3, 2009
1. A magical land composed completely of cubes.
Man that cuba has a lot of cubes and wetbacks...
by shdwsclan April 29, 2009