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1. A person of Polish descent, who is unfortunately targeted by ignoramuses and fools as being dumb and stupid. Yeah, and the British/Americans are the ones talking...

2. A term used between Poles (teens) humorously, when talking about the incompetence of a person of their same kin. Usually considered offensive if a non-Pole says it (casually) to a Pole. (like "nigger" among Blacks)

Etymology - "Polack," from the Polish word "Polak," meaning male Pole, "Polka" is a female Pole.
Do you really need one, dipshit?
by www.sucks500.com February 13, 2004
A car that breaks down literally in the middle of the street, and needs to be rebooted (esp. in the 70s)
My Ford stalled in the middle of Wacker Drive in Chicago.
by www.sucks500.com February 13, 2004