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1. A person of Polish descent, who is unfortunately targeted by ignoramuses and fools as being dumb and stupid. Yeah, and the British/Americans are the ones talking...

2. A term used between Poles (teens) humorously, when talking about the incompetence of a person of their same kin. Usually considered offensive if a non-Pole says it (casually) to a Pole. (like "nigger" among Blacks)

Etymology - "Polack," from the Polish word "Polak," meaning male Pole, "Polka" is a female Pole.
Do you really need one, dipshit?
by February 12, 2004
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derogatory term used for people from Poland, Polish descent and sometimes for other people from Eastern Europe
This polack lawyer is so rich!
by jebajsie May 04, 2009
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1. A spelling of Polak used by retarded hicks that don't know that there is no c in the word.
Those hicks are so retarted, they cant even make fun of Polaks right cause they keep spelling it with a c, as in Polack referring to the fish.
by shdwsclan April 12, 2009
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Despite the ignorant (polish are stupid) misconception Polacks are one of the smartest nationalities in the world.
I know many intelligent polacks. Many have advanced degrees.
by joe February 27, 2005
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a derogatory term for a Polish citizen or someone of Polish ancestry; the Polish are also stereotyped as being stupid
by Super Guy March 18, 2004
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A derogatory term for a person of Polish decent. "Polack" is the German spelling that has most widely been adapted by Americans using the slur. Polacks are characterized as dumb and/or dirty. For more information, see the 2010 documentary film, Polack.
Many examples from television and film are shown the in the 2010 documentary film, Polack.
by Oculissinister February 14, 2011
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Offensive name for Poles. It is closely related to the stereotypes made about Polish people abroad (esp. in the USA). They regard this word as an insult and usually react with a list of positive facts about Poland (beautiful girls, rich history, tasty food, good education, etc.). But their natural hypocrisy prevents them from mentioning the less favorable facts and will probably also result in many thumbs down for this entry.
1. More than 1/3 (21 000 000) of all Poles don´t live in Poland. So is the country really that great?

2. Most of them are devoted Christians. Violent attacks against homosexuals, abortion clinics as well as Darwin´s theory denial are common.

3. The claim that Poles are extremely intelligent because of their great educational system is misleading. Many recent studies proved that there are not any dramatic differences between the Slavic nations (Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia...) regarding the intelligence which is very high in all of these countries.

4. Similarly, all Slavic girls are regarded as the most beautiful in the world. It has more to do with genetics than with nationality.

5. Central/East European countries have generally good relationships and people from these countries usually respect each other. Polacks make an exception as nobody really likes them.
by k.i.f. September 11, 2010
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