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Someone of mixed african and asian ancestry; technically, that would make him/her afrasian, but blasian is easier to say
Tier Woods is a blasian.
by Super Guy February 09, 2004

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a man who performs sex acts on women for money; a man-whore
"Women pay me to give them pleasure." -- Deuce Bigelow, Male Gigolo
by Super Guy March 19, 2004

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U.S. currency, preferably in bill form
Settin precedents
Makin mad dead presidents
by Super Guy March 18, 2004

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a show where a woman has sex with a jackass
THAT PARTY WAS OFF THE HOOK! This fine ass stripper fucked a donkey!
by Super Guy March 17, 2004

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"Moor" is a term used in Medieval Europe. A moor is a Muslim from Africa. Most moors were from northern Africa (Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya & Egypt) and were olive-skinned with Mediterranean or Coptic features. Many moors were dark-skinned with African features.
The term "Moor" is no longer in use. The only modern use I can think of is in the play "Othello."
by Super Guy March 11, 2004

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a guy with a shitty job and no life in his twenties who dwells on how good his life was in high school
"I loved Taft High. I scored in every football game. Then I scored with the ladies!" -- typical high school hero quote
by Super Guy March 10, 2004

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A "monarchy" is a form of government, of which there are 2 types.

A "constitutional monarchy" is a government in which the monarch is a figurehead. He or she performs ceremonial functions, such as state visits and ship christenings. There is a parliament and a prime minister. The parliament is responsible for making the laws and the prime minister executes the law.

In a "true monarchy," the monarch's word is law because the monarch is the state. The Monarch is the equivalent of the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court all rolled into one.
Japan, Sweden, the UK and Spain are all constitutional monarchies.
by Super Guy March 23, 2004

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