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APAW's also include

TOO MUCH COLOGNE GUY and TOO MUCH PERFUME BITCH who smell like they batghed in it!
Damn! I can smell too much cologne guy coming!
by Super Guy April 16, 2004
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U.S. currency, preferably in bill form
Settin precedents
Makin mad dead presidents
by Super Guy March 18, 2004
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a show where a woman has sex with a jackass
THAT PARTY WAS OFF THE HOOK! This fine ass stripper fucked a donkey!
by Super Guy March 17, 2004
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a derogatory term for a Polish citizen or someone of Polish ancestry; the Polish are also stereotyped as being stupid
by Super Guy March 18, 2004
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/noun, literal/ an edible seed
/verb, slang/ to achieve orgasm
NUTS: /adjective, slang/ insane; deranged; capable of doing crazy and/or dangerous things

BUST A NUT: /verb phrase, slang/ to achiev orgasm
by Super Guy March 18, 2004
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A cage surrounds the wrestling ring. Both wrestlers start inside the ring (and thus inside the cage). In order to win, BOTH of your feet have to hit the ground outside of the cage.
by Super Guy February 4, 2004
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a gimmick match in pro wrestling

two pro wrestlers fight it out until one wrestler is knocked unconcious or physically unable to continue

also known as a "last man standing match"
i wanna see chris benoit and lance storm in a canadian death match
by Super Guy March 22, 2004
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