25 definitions by Super Guy

"Skeet" means "to ejaculate?" Damn! I thought skeet was a game played with a shotgun and flying clay targets!
If you use "skeet" to mean "to ejaculate" or "semen," you're an ass!
by Super Guy March 15, 2004
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"Sports Guy" thinks that he is a great athlete in his chosen sport. For example, he plays every pick-up basketball game as if it was the NBA playoffs. The reality is that he got no game!
Listen, loser, this is a company softball game, not the World Series. Of course we want to win, but in the grand scheme of things THIS GAME DOES NOT MATTER! Don't give yourself a heart attack worrying about it. And anyway, my 82-year-old grandmother got a better batting average than you, loser!
by Super Guy March 23, 2004
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the period of the day in which i wear no clothes whatsoever
naked time is fun especially when there are other people present
by Super Guy May 11, 2004
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/noun, literal/ an edible seed
/verb, slang/ to achieve orgasm
NUTS: /adjective, slang/ insane; deranged; capable of doing crazy and/or dangerous things

BUST A NUT: /verb phrase, slang/ to achiev orgasm
by Super Guy March 18, 2004
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U.S. currency, preferably in bill form
Settin precedents
Makin mad dead presidents
by Super Guy March 18, 2004
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APAW's also include

TOO MUCH COLOGNE GUY and TOO MUCH PERFUME BITCH who smell like they batghed in it!
Damn! I can smell too much cologne guy coming!
by Super Guy April 16, 2004
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