A Polish Wizard of the Shakespearian Era from the country of Polackia. Known widely for their enchanting spells and limricks. Commonly associated with broomsticks, elves, and sausage.
Note: Polish people = non-magic bearing Poles.
There goes a Polack across the sky!
by SmexyFaust January 22, 2009
Person from the eastern-european country of Poland. Typically very sensitive and antagonistic. Watch out!
- That effing Polack told me my mom is a hooker. Why do they need to be so rude?
by PvBierny March 15, 2021
A pre-coital misstep in which the penis is erroneously inserted into the anus, rather than vagina and the bowels are uncontrollably released.
I was so drunk this weekend I took a girl in the alley behind the End Zone and gave her the ole Pittsburgh Polack.
by Oletoker May 20, 2010
Man I can’t believe that you don’t know who Jackson Polack is?!?
by Deadman7755 February 9, 2022
A clueless and unobservant Polish person; derived from a sarcastic play on the name of famously observant and perceptive detective, Sherlock Holmes.
"Did you know that my dad drinks a bottle of vodka a day? I think he might be an alcoholic."

"No kidding, Polack Holmes."
by Shmingus Dingus October 9, 2009
The term "Dumb Polack" was coined by the Germans in World War 2.

The Germans had surrounded the capital city of Warsaw with tanks and armament. They shelled the city to pieces and wanted the polish people to surrender. They refused and many fought to the death with pitch forks, shovels, anything in hand.

The Germans continued to shell the city unmercifully, so much so that the Germans called them "Dumb Polacks" for not surrendering even to overwhelming fire power and force.
A true example is one who would try to prevail against overwhelming odds. However, it is usually used as a derogatory term, without the user knowing its true meaning. Most people of character, would be proud to be called a dumb polack, if they knew its true meaning.
by Antigua Tim October 24, 2012
like a "ding dong ditch" but instead of ringing the doorbell and running away before a resident answers the door, the "polack" knocks on the the door and waits for the resident to see him/her, before running away to hide, laugh, etc.
Don't get me wrong, I like pranks as much as the next guy, but Danny's going to find himself in hot water if he keeps it up with this polack knock thing.
by tired of sex entries April 23, 2010