Polack don’t crack is the Polish version of Blacks don't crack. It means when a Polish person/someone of Polish decent doesn’t seem to age.
Karen is Polish and looks in her 30s when she’s nearly 50!! Wow polack don’t crack!!
by Jeanyevill July 29, 2019
An individual of Polish ancestry who calls law enforcement agencies to arbitrarily complain about the smell of a tree that they (the stupid fucking polack) not only planted outside of their livingroom window, but also on their neighbor's property.
June: "Gee Ward, our neighbor sure is a stupid fucking polack."

Ward: "Yes Dear, I suppose that you could be right. However, I was thinking more along the lines of dumb cunt."
by Stas Stachowitz May 12, 2011
A descendant of Poland, usually cheat build things and makes things very fragile, a bad species who only care about money and gambles alot.
Oskar is a polack who rages at gambling a ton
by polacken60 March 18, 2022