Why is economic and political power in the hands of white folks if poc together make a majority?
by dbquik December 11, 2004
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Person of color, or a modern way of saying "colored person" without pissing tumblr off.
"She is a POC so she's incapable of racism."
by A Lumberjack December 6, 2014
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My car broke down last week, It's such a poc
by nathan January 20, 2004
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That poc doesn't act very polite,
by craeslidony February 4, 2010
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POC = Piece of cunt, degrading term for a female. Usually used by another female to speak badly about one of her freinds who did something to them on a previous occasion.
I am not talking to that poc ever again.
by Joejeng December 12, 2006
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1)n. a brown person; from people/person of color
2) adj. having charcteristics of people of color
1) My shcool has no pocs.
2) She dresses hella poc.
by Mika Gonzales November 13, 2005
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