1)n. a brown person; from people/person of color
2) adj. having charcteristics of people of color
1) My shcool has no pocs.
2) She dresses hella poc.
by Mika Gonzales November 13, 2005
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POC related to P.O.C.(Point of Contention)basically means scoring, hittin and dating. To score someone is like saying to poc someone
Did you know that R is poccing V?
by TLOre November 25, 2006
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usually used by the ghetto knutsford people,there term for callin sum 1 a lil faggot who takes it up the arse for 20 an 5 fags
Turd at knutty toilets
by Crossy February 7, 2005
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(adj.) an awful smell

originally abbreviation of Pack Of Cows, poc signifies that the stench emanating from one person or individual is the equivalent of a whole bunch of bovines
ohhhh poc !!!

what ?

Jerry that’s disgusting
by scmat March 28, 2021
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POC stands for Person Of Colour. Its a term to describe anybody who isn't white. (Black, Asian, Indigenous, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, etc..) keep in mind that Europeans (Italians, Russians, French, etc) ARENT considered POC or WOC. The term WOC is also used along with POC, and WOC means Women Of Colour.
Person 1:Im considered POC since I'm Hispanic.

Person 2:Oh cool, Since I am white I'm not considered POC.
by kaitalina July 15, 2021
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Proof Of Concept. A working script to exploit a vulnerability or paper to accurately describe how to exploit the vuln.
You wish you had the POC for the vuln in OpenSSL 0.9.6a-c
by vmlinuz July 18, 2005
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