Where I see PoC written I will acknowledge this as a person of class
by TBCoU October 12, 2021
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Hey Dave look at those POC Pair Of Cunts pulling down that statue
by I twat wokes February 14, 2022
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Wow, you sure are a poc right now, sitting there with your glass of wine in your hand, and the pearls in your ears!

Tonight, when everyone gets ooc, TFrederick and I will get ooc (out of control), but still remain a poc
by phenice December 7, 2011
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Person Of Colour

Someone who is still capable of Racism
"You know twitter believes a POC is incapable of racism? What a self-serving moron"
by Peaches On Pizza August 25, 2021
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To put something in your pocet, or to put something in a device used as a pocet to make it more conveniant
-Where should i put my Mastercard so I dont lose it?
- Just poc it!

-Mean these meatballs are good, but so hard to eat though
- I hear you. We should buy some peatbread and poc it!
by Morph_from_the_North February 23, 2010
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The Choc Poc is a realm which only the bravest people can enter however only a handful of people will leave and be able to tell the story of what happened in there.
Science Teacher: The Choc Poc is split into many levels, the first is the entrance, the second is the Gas Level, the third is the Bread Level, the fourth is the Crackers, Rice and Cheese level, the fifth is the Banana Level, after that is the Ham Sandwich level which no human has ever passed. After the HS level is the Outer Core of the Choc Poc, the Fudge level then past that is the Inner Core of the Choc Poc, the Happy Hippo level.
by Oxogod December 11, 2018
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