Potential of Craziness: the level, on a 1 to 10 scale, that a chick could be crazy/psycho (to the point where it's not worth taking her down). 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest, it is generally based off the vibe you get from being around the.
Yo mane check out the slew, too bad her PoC is off the charts
by KlassyKoala February 21, 2014
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POC stands for "pancake of color" (reference to a more respectful term for black people). A pancake of color is an overcooked/burnt pancake, to the point where it looks more black than aunt jemima.
Father: I made pancakes son
Son :Thats not even a pancake anymore dad... its so dark it looks like a POC
by Ethanhastiktokcancer September 20, 2021
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That trick-ass-mark over thur just got busted for PoC
by STEEL BALL November 12, 2005
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POC is short for POCket pussy.
POC is used to define a female that only has value for sex and nothing else, therefore making her a POCket pussy.

If a female is called a POC she is most likely easy and has fucked most dudes in her town.
Bro 1: "Yo I saw Juliette at the gym yesterday".
Bro 2: "Dude Juliette a POC bruh, all my boys already smashed that".
by For the community 1738 May 19, 2023
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