When a male (usually a large angry teenager) boasts about things that have never happened
"That kid was supposed to be in at 10pm but came back at 10:01 and boasted about it on facebook"
"He pinches about that sort of stuff all the time"
by ASS_MASTER June 27, 2013
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The act of clinching ones ass cheeks around another mans dick. (Usually happens during gay sex.)
I heard that guy started pinching that group of guys at that party. He got beat up pretty bad.
by Assmaster47 March 17, 2017
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retract the anal sphincter during anal sex to give extra pleasure
I was banging this chick in the ass, and she gave me the "pinch", it was the best bang ever.
by Tian March 18, 2004
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n. A rock climbing term for a handhold that is best gripped sideways, with the thumb and the other four fingers on opposite sides of the hold.

v. To use a pinch hold.
Frustrated first-timer: How the hell am I supposed to use this hold?
Annoyed belayer: Just pinch it!
Frustrated first-timer: What does that even mean?

Scott: Hey do you have any beta for that route you just sent?
John: Yeah, see that pinch near the first bolt? It's easier if you go for it with your left hand.
by thispseudonymisnottaken December 09, 2010
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a girl/guy you would do only if desperate.
"She's a pinch." or "If she gained a couple of pounds she'd be approaching pinch status."
by Amy September 06, 2004
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A technique for consuming powdered narcotics where the user pinches a standard dose between thumb and index finger which is then inserted into the desired nostril for quick and efficient snorting. The technique is particularly useful when club toilet facilities are substandard or queues are too large. The user can safely and inconspicuously pinch on a dance floor for immediate relief.


The quantity of substance to be snorted.
"I'd rather pinch than rack up in that shit-ridden WC

"That pinch got me wasted"

"Can I get a pinch of your ketamine"
by Edmund Berlin May 05, 2008
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Being stingy..cheap..worthless

To pinch.
Fabio is a pinch because he is too cheap to pay $.25 for a hair cut.
by Matt January 03, 2004
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