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The wordplayed term Pepspeed refers to Meth users combining the famous brand name soda with Speed (stamped "Ice" when in pill form). There are three reasons why users do it according to scientists. First, the soda is carbonated and interacts physically with the Meth by dissolving the tablet faster in the stomach.

Secondly, the high sugar content in the soda tricks the stomach into thinking the liquid is valuable for the body, also resulting in a faster absorption. Finally, the phosphoric acid contained in the famous soda helps fight off nausea that some users feel when Meth is taken orally.

The medical community is aware of users implementing this combination. It's all over the net. It's not as powerful as a booty bump, but beware if someone offers to Pepspeed with you! Since the interactions make the experience more euphoric in general, it is logically more addictive.
Hey dude, wanna Pepspeed together? It's crazy! She found the Pepspeed experience so intense!
by Ascot1111 December 2, 2022
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Polymerized hashish resin, potent hash, super-hash, anhydrous hashish extract, using precipitation and ionization for isolation of terpene-alcohols and active principles. Invented in Pincourt, Quebec, Canada for patients who wish to eliminate carbon fibers and water from their smoking material for a smoother smoke that produces less tar. The reason why it is called Shoosh is because of the enormous bubbling/crackling sounds it emits when smoked. Shoosh! Listen!
I snaked some Shoosh in a joint, I dabbed Shoosh today, put a snake of Shoosh in that blunt. Shoosh! listen to that shoosh burn. Look at how much smoke is pissing out of that Shoosh!
by Ascot1111 November 9, 2018
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A new type of Cannabis grading in general, emergenging from a satured Canadian Cannabis market mostly due to Cannabis growing permits easily distributed using opiate & opioid crisis as an excuse to easily obtain these permits and grow personal medical weed for pain and symptoms instead of abusing opiates or opioids. Basically Quad A means the Highest Grade of Cannabis amongst the abundancy of Canadian Pot. Some people pronounce it short, Quad but the name of the designation is Quad-A. If you ask for Quad A in Canada, you will receive good stuff, it tends to be twice as strong, devoid of mold and mildew, and a real good smoke in general. The expression is also used in French, in Quebec, the french canadian province.
Yo I don't want reg weed man can you find some Quad A? Hey it's me, got any Quad for sale dude? Yo big t'as tu du Quad a vendre (french) ?
by Ascot1111 November 8, 2019
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A very leafy and compact Cannabis plant. It refers to the fact that Cannabis plants that produce the weed we smoke are grown females and the fact that leafy and compact cannabis plants have an appetite for more water and fertilizers than a lanky plant. It's harsh but growers use it to provoke unexpected smiles. It's only normal because Cannabis growing is tough on a person in general all growers know this, people are a bit rough on the edges as well in this industry.
Look at those bushy sluts whoa, damn dude that's some nice and weed plants look how wide and compact they are, did you pinch them?!
by Ascot1111 November 12, 2019
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It's a violent step further than wake n' bake, for individuals (OGs) that want to ram as much THC in their fucking brain as soon as possible upon awakening, no time for baking muffins, reffering to wake and bake, time to ram as much THC molecules in the brain and toast it a.s.a.p. (usually when in pain, like severe chronic back pain) refering to being shitfaced rapidly and sincerely.
Never mind the wake & bake, I wake & toast until I get the greens or pull a whitey
by Ascot1111 September 26, 2019
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It's when you put toilet paper in a toilet bowl before defecating so that the feces float and achieve full throttle air contact so that the smell may stench the whole area. This phenomenon is commonly practised after bad hotel service.
Dude I left a floating island of reprisal at the Hotel! Dude the floating island of reprisal stenched the whole room!
by Ascot1111 December 4, 2022
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Refers to a resin compound that is refined using shitty pipe or bong residues, combining the words Shatter and After, it's defined as Shafter also because you are basically shafting the rules of comprehension, science, possibility, by recycling often rinsed/lossed cannabis material that accumulates in smoking equipment. Shafter is cristallised and isolated through a simple process, to a resin that is still very, very potent and rich in cannabinoids.
I don't use glass cleaning liquid with my pipe, I take that dark shitty residue and flip it in Shafter
by Ascot1111 September 26, 2019
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