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A penis that gets a lot bigger during an erection. Usually smaller than a shower to start with.

See also: Shower
by Ross W December 14, 2003
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A penis that is really, really short when flaccid, but can triple, sometimes quadruple in size when aroused.

something that does exist, much to the disdain of the showers, which tend to be asshole jocks or over confident douchebags.

growers, on the other hand, have low libido, but enough kick in their man cannons to pleasure their woman. watch the magic, from 2 inches to 7. holy shit.
1. (in locker room) dude1: dude, what the hell is that? *laughs*

Dude 2: whatever, i'm a grower.

later that night

Dude 2: watch the magic baby...

chick 1: Damn thats some serious magic!
by Ironic God Guy March 29, 2011
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someone who's penis becomes considerably longer when erect
he's seven inches flacid but I know for a fact he's not a grower. WYANT 2004 PENIS
by The Pony January 02, 2004
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A person who grows i.e non-static. It can be a plant, hate, love etc.
1. He loves papaya. In fact, he is a grower of papaya.
2. Nothing seems to be able to cool him down. He has been a grower of hate towards muslims ever since George Bush came into power. What can I say, some people are just so stupid.
3. He loves to define every word imaginable in a dirty and erotic manner. He has been a grower of mediocrity and ignorance ever since introduced to the internet and realized that he can always remain anonymous. He knows that he is a dumb and cowardly individual as well but he is a grower of those too.
by Scarlet Kingsnake September 11, 2005
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a penis that appears small when limp but SUPPOSEDLY gets bigger when erect.

however, this phenomenon does not actually exist and this term was invented by a man who was caught with a limp penis by one of his friends and quickly tried to justify it by saying he is in fact, a grower rather that admitting the embarrassing truth that he is less of a man than his friend with the big dick
Friend 1: You bro i think your dicks hanging out, not even trying to front, you got that small dick...Friend 2: no (nervously covers up) im a grower, it gets way bigger when im hard...Friend 1: so does mine...Friend 2: na like way bigger
by j420kid January 09, 2011
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