37 definitions by d0c

When you fuck someone in the ass and get a plug of shit in your piss hole. Related to a poop noodle...
I pissed out a mud plug.
by d0c March 14, 2008
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Look theres a woody in the hoody!
by d0c February 21, 2006
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An asshole on anyone....
My woman has a nice dark star...tho it is a bit hairy....
by d0c March 18, 2008
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to get arrested by the police.... a very old term.
I was pinched by the cops.
by d0c February 12, 2008
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A list of women a man has bedded and also a list he wants to screw. Much like a bucket list.
Pam Anderson is on my Fuck It List, I wished on the done side!
by d0c January 10, 2009
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A term for any AB or Bud beer product. Usually.. a clydesdale will drink Coors and piss Bud.
Give me a bottle of Clydesdale Piss please!
by d0c February 22, 2006
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