irish gypsies who will steal anything and are mostly violent
"i fockin' 'ate pikeys" -from snatch
by phil April 21, 2003
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A pikey is someone who comes into my shop and steals a shed load of champagne by just walking in...taking it....then fucking off. You chase them and they threaten you with the bottle...fuck I hate pikeys
I'm a pikey...Im a pikey...what pikey am I?
by S October 5, 2003
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Those who earn in excess of 50k a year, yet live in caravans and don't pay any taxes.
Tries to claim a real job and pay taxes. Tells lies. A lot. Threatens violence but prefers to eat.
by anon May 7, 2004
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robbin didicoy bastards who nick everything and anything, wear a shit load of rings and dont pay tax and shit like that.
"We've come to buy a caravan."
"off a pack a fuckin pikeys! this will get messy."
by Burnsy October 31, 2003
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people who speak a completly different language to everyone esle in the town. they will also take anything that is not nailed down.
I fucking hate pikeys (from the hit film snatch)
by Ashley smith March 20, 2003
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pikeys are irish gipsies that like to steal, fight and do other mainly illegal things... they speak a completly different language and always smell ! they ae bloody hard and should be steered clear of !
no i dont want my fuckin drive tarmaced thanks all the same !
by james February 14, 2004
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If they do not live in a council house they will have a huge mansion with 10 foot high barbed wire surrounding it and Alsations guarding it. They get money for these by robbing people or by selling the council house that they bought for £5000 for £105,000.
Even though they look poor (they will drive a knackered white Ford Transit (with no tax or MOT))they are rich - note much gold jewellwery.
They also are the sort of people who enjoy greyhound racing on a saturday night.
Bad taste is a pre-requisite for obtaining pikey status.
F***ing pikeys
by Gina G September 25, 2003
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