steady employment with fixed salary and working hours, as well as potential for growth and advancement. Having a real job may mean working in a field that is incompatible with partying, taking drugs, or assuming an otherwise unconventional lifestyle.
People with so-called real jobs might enjoy high salaries, but what they trade off is the chance to experiment and discover what they truly want out of life.
by D.S. Credito March 5, 2015
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As opossed to a shit job or McJob. A real job is a job that pays well, generally involves doing work you enjoy and has at least some level of security because it involves skills that require training enough that helping out an employee that's having difficulty is less expensive then training a new one.

A real job is one that has the potential for advancement. As well, a certain degree of professional behavior is normally expected of employees and the managment.

That's in theory that is.

Unfortunatly, in reality, real jobs are rare in this day and age. With so many trained and skilled people out there, job security doesen't exist in them as they offer little in the way of training and can get new employees from a pool of countless job seekers. As a result, the pay these jobs offer is way down and employees are growing increasingly more often treated as disposable and with little more respect then beasts of burden.
I'm only in this shit job until I get a real job.

Man, I wish I could get a real job but even entry level ones want five years experience to start.
by Annoymous January 27, 2005
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A term used by college graduate snobs, used to convince themselves that working in a cooperation isn't a waste of time and following your dreams will get you nowhere.
I wanna be a musician and travel the world! ~Dreamer

Dude, that will never happen. Get a real job like me. ~snob
by Bobby222 June 18, 2009
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noun: labor intensive employment in manufacturing and service industries, often defined as blue collar.
Pappy says coal mining Is a “real job” and that computers are for pansies.

Pappy is dying from the black lung, but he still has to show up at his “real job” everyday.
by CommonCents 13 April 21, 2020
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X ray tech. That is the only real job known that mankind. Anything else, including ones that require years of school and decades of training are fake.
Thabk god I am an x ray tech. All I is sit around on the side because its a real job.
by Realjobxraytech January 3, 2018
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An insult, which can be used towards someone who has a shit job/task or none at all (beneficiaries).
Person 1: "Get a real job!"
Person 2: "Fuck off!"

Person with job: "Get a real job"
Beneficiary: "I can't."
by 17 inch dildo January 23, 2016
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An overrated phrase that always comes from someone who cannot accept the fact others have better job possibilities.
Telling someone to "Get a real job." is more of an insult than a piece of advice.
by OmegaVideoGameGod September 3, 2016
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