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The derogatory word used to label someone who is new to a particular game/forum/server/where-ever. Many people misuse the word, insulting new members by calling them 'n00b's.

The word 'newb' is sometimes confused with this term - 'newb' standing for 'new beginner'. Whereas a n00b means one of two common terms.

1) A new member who is acting stupidly.
2) A member who is acting stupidly, regardless of level and/or experience.
1) "Lol, u level 1 n00b stfu pwned."
2) "Wow, that guy's been here for 4 years and he still acts like a n00b."
by S June 27, 2004

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1. a gathering of students before a game.
2. an excuse to miss an hour of school.
3. a way to force kids to have school spirit.
I was forced to attend pep rally.
by S October 15, 2004

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a word used to describe wild, hard screwing.
She LOVES rough sex.
by s April 11, 2004

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Background: pushpanjali, gitanjali, shradanjali.

An offering to God
No example at this time
by S February 18, 2005

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amazing UK group who have dipped into dance/techno/heavy/trance and kept the queer boy bands outta the top 10 in the late 80's to mid 90's.
we're the prodigy, twisted, melted
by S March 13, 2003

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The cutest little animal in the world. They have a chubby body and no tail and they can come in a variety of different colours. Eats most vegetables and some fruits. Guinea pigs love fresh hay and grass. Also called cavy
My guinea pigs are the cutest!
by S December 28, 2004

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A gaming site full of degenerate wastes of oxygen a more civilized society would have euthanized years ago, run by computer illiterate retards who would be better off being replaced by a chimp.
Mod: I don't like you for personal reasons!!1 I'm gonna ban you and see if I can get away with it!
by S July 17, 2004

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