IRISH no respect for anyone not even them selfs, my little 5 year old cousins made a snow man 5 mins after the snow man was made four pikey men ages between 15 and 45 came into the park and drove up the hill and ran the snow man over, then started throwing snow balls at young children, they thought this was extremly funny. pikeys do something illegal at least every half hour of the day.
by Emma January 29, 2004
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you lot of dinlos are what a travler calls a joskin. so all you lot are is a lot of dinlo chaveys
by travlers not pikeys April 25, 2003
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If they do not live in a council house they will have a huge mansion with 10 foot high barbed wire surrounding it and Alsations guarding it. They get money for these by robbing people or by selling the council house that they bought for £5000 for £105,000.
Even though they look poor (they will drive a knackered white Ford Transit (with no tax or MOT))they are rich - note much gold jewellwery.
They also are the sort of people who enjoy greyhound racing on a saturday night.
Bad taste is a pre-requisite for obtaining pikey status.
F***ing pikeys
by Gina G September 25, 2003
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People born in the South-East of London sporting Legoman hair cuts and holding a can of Super-Strength Kestral Lager. Most often seen in the company of Fellow Pikeys and young pregnant girls with bleached hair, orange faces more fake gold than a Tunisian bazzare.
Fuck off you legohaired, lager swilling Pikey and NO I dont want my drive tarmaced and I dont want to buy a 'cheap carpet for me Gran'
by Mmmm October 17, 2003
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Dirty sub human scum who avoid paying taxes, litter our highways with bags of human shit and live in cavavans which are parked on any avaible piece of land i.e roundabouts, laybys, local parks etc. Are good friends with local councils and police forces as they are kindly left to their on devices in uk towns. A human gene that needs to be exterminated before their race gets out of hand. On parr with asylum seekers.
Ipswich, Stowmarket and Renendlesham forrest. Basically all over Suffolk
by Si March 7, 2004
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Groups of would-be "bad ass" youths who hang around the amusement arcades in dull seaside towns, amusing themselves by threatening much younger children with a beating unless they give them a quid, stealing cuddly toys from toddlers and pulling the old "give us a quid and I'll be your mate for life" routine on anyone smaller and less mouthy than themselves.
by Doll Revolution July 11, 2003
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