ey,a pikey es me moff e my ma, werse a ma vis a sikle wissou a be o pikee in us oll.
Ifn we ner leaf eer eel ner get thar.
by Darn September 1, 2003
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A Pikey is a 'mush' (often pronounced 'mish') that can be found stealing and selling alloys often for use on Esorts or Fiesta's. Similar to Towney scum (who wear socks tucked into their kappa tracksuit trousers...), only with a different (strained) accent. Phrases may include: 'Go-on look, mish', 'Batastoosis', Blood Cunt, Curry Cunt and Chored, etc...
"I'll ave yr eyes out u curry bastad! Give me dem alloys mish b4 i ram me transit into yr caravan..."
by Carl June 8, 2004
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a group of youths who arent afraid to have fun. Skaters. Found lovers of rock and roll/indie music, wear dark clothing(hoodies). find enjoyment out of vandalism. HATE TOWNIES.
by Finch March 3, 2004
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Pikeys...Plural for ignorant itinerant thieving gypos .
Pikeys....Paul..."Look at the state of those pikeys , they haven't had a wash in generations"
Bob..." Yes... Don't they smell awful ? I saw two them breaking into a garden shed earlier today"
Paul..." The only place that is safe from thieving tinkers like that is the library "
Bob..." The Germans knew how to deal with the likes of pikeys "
by Ihate pakis November 16, 2022
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Word used when someone has taken something by surprise and not given back. can be used in various different circumstances, Used when someone acts in the way of a pikey, usually stealing things.
Ah fuck. Mike Pearson just pikeyed my cutlery again!

Jack Howard just pikeyed my rank slide for the fourth time today!

Jake Oakley just pikeyed my coathangar! Now im really screwed!
by Mikeaircadet October 30, 2009
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pikey is an impolite and possibly racially offensive term for a member of the irish travelling community. the term originated in west london around the uxbridge,hayes and west drayton area. it references the urban legend that travellers ate pike that they poached from the river, little britain lake etc. we now know this is untrue as they just steal anything they want and don't have the patience to fish.
oh shit,the pikeys are in town again
by lozdubya November 6, 2011
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a derogatory term for a traveler. people often throw around the word loosely not knowing the true meanin which actually is dirty gypsy or tramp
your a pikey
no mate im a traveler but come to the yard and well sort this out
by uknown slagger February 7, 2020
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