A cool girl
also used by dumb white surberban kids who are wannabes and tell their friends to call then Phat Wannabe, Phat Gangster, or Phat Man
Kid1:call me Phat Gangster because that is an awsome name
Kid2:Do u know that the word Phat is a cool girl?
Kid1:No it doesnt just check urban dictionary
Kid2: I am right now and this is what it says
Kid1: I am awsome! Dont hate appreciate!
by beach ball man October 18, 2010
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Music having alot of bass, lacking in proper structure. Trance techno
"Check my phat ass bangin' toons mush"
by ben December 15, 2004
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A very cool word which is used by people that are too cool to use other such interjections like sick, nasty, ill, wicked, crazy, insane, kickass, or sweet.
Tristan: that kickflip was wicked...
Topher: no, it was definitely ill.
Iain: it was obviously mint.
Ethan: look guys it is easy to see that that was totally phat
by Phishr May 31, 2005
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meaning that sumink is really cool or wicked
those vans are phat or man that car is phat
by bexy666 June 14, 2003
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