Pretty, Hot and Tempting meaning a Woman is pretty, cute, or attractive and that you want to date them
You see that girl over there? she is Phat.
by Rauxi February 22, 2021
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phat with a "ph" means thick
by kidlion8 October 24, 2016
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Attractive and gratifying. A synonym for "cool." The most inefficient synonym for "cool," that is. I have never heard anyone use this word, besides in a cartoon where the protagonist uses this word to compliment someone. This someone so happens to be a fat dude. The show then emphasizes how far this kid has shoved his foot into his larynx. Using this word unironically is not a good idea, as its homonym is not the most flattering adjective. No offense to fat people, though. They're usually pretty cool.
Johnny Test: You're looking super PHAT today!
Cool Clerk: WTF dude? Rude!
Johnny Test: You know, PHat, with a "PH!"
Cool Clerk: That's totally lame bro.
by Derineka February 20, 2021
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A word used by white suburban kids who think they are gangster to describe something "cool"/stupid and used to describe how "gangsta"/gaudy their wigger friend's ricer is.

Me: No. It is insanely gaudy.
by Blahb April 15, 2005
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not overweight but thicc.
B) did you see Kennedys phat booty
A) Yes she is thicc and skinny at the same time!
by 101.zoey_ April 23, 2020
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