A common phrase used in text messages When you don't really know how to reply and don't really want to communicating in the first place
Person 1: hey! It's been a while how are you?
Person 2: not bad aha, u?
by Theurbandictionar January 12, 2020
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Another word for saying, Yea-rite!
My penis is big, Aha!
by Con December 14, 2003
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That reply that girls reply with after you've just wrote a whole essay
Me: *writes massive essay*
Her: Aha
by 19lydlar May 5, 2020
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It’s another word for “ahahahah” instead of saying “ahahahah” you shorten the fucking word and say “aha” so you don’t have to type alll that shit. It’s not pronounced “a ha” it’s “aha” it’s like a little short laugh
“Hey did you see me take that L in fortnite

by Bumsex33 July 12, 2018
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What fuckboys say when they ask for nudes but get rejected oof
Yo i was meessing aha
by Fuckmeinmyassahh June 5, 2018
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The shitty ass word that doesn’t seem like a lot but really means “bitch fuck off“ “I have a boner but I don’t want to admit it “ “I forgot what you just said but I don’t care so I’ll go along with it “ “ur a weirdo leave me alone “ and also” I’m trying to fill in a blank moment in the conversation because I haven’t got a brain cell to carry it on” and the favourite “I’m gonna make it hard for you to carry on the convo as you won’t know what to answer” mostly used by fuckboys or slags. And also people who don’t know who the fuck you are.
Jessica: how was ur day?
Oliver:good aha.
Jessica:well that’s nice.
Oliver: aha
Jessica’s mind : wtf do you mean

Girl:takes a selfie
Boy: you look pretty aha (erection)
by Tomdoolingchildren June 20, 2018
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A sarcastic way to tell someone that they fucked up and did not complete their task correctly.
He got Aha'd for being lazy on the job.
by 1337Gingerkid February 25, 2010
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