"Youths": Media codeword for criminal non-white immigrants.
TV: "Youths set fire 100 cars in Paris, France on the New Years eve."

Viewer: "Damn! What's wrong with those Frenchmen?"
by Daniel Jackass September 26, 2009
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A term used to describe a group of black teenagers, and possibly pre-teens, who cause mayhem in America
At Springfield Mall this evening, a group of more than 60 youths damaged stores and assault mall patrons in a brutal and random assault. Most of the youths fled the area when police arrived on the scene, but 4 were arrested, 2 males aged 12, and 2 females aged 11 and 14. 7 shoppers were injured, and damages and stolen merchandise are expected to surpass $50,000, according to police reports.
by Ericov December 29, 2016
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Wasted on the young
Youth is the most beautiful thing in this world .. what a pity it has to be wasted on little shits
by Miss Beachy October 30, 2019
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Youth: a young boy or girl mostly around 13-18 years old.
hey Jaycc are you going to church tonight? its youth night
by Jaycc November 8, 2007
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a person at the age of believing they are politically involved when they're not.
in this week's youth meeting, we will make you feel like you're contributing to the society's needs. oh, and while you're at it, the meeting room needs some youthful cleaning.
by Daniel Brando May 4, 2008
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Having the qualities that are typical of young people
Old people have more experience unlike youthful ones
by Asterum January 10, 2018
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term of recognition used by english speaking people especially those from afro-carribean and / or northern (ie north of Watford) origin. somewhat ironically, it is especially prominent among the older generations.
"'ow do youth"
"easy there, my yoot"
"jooost gettin' me pension, youth"
by roco February 2, 2004
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