The part of skin that hangs from the bottom of your ear.
I want to make love to your earlobe.
by beansalog July 16, 2008
The portion of skin dangling from your ear in a pendant-like manner.
Dude, what happened to your earlobe?

I wasn't born with earlobes, I just have reptilian-like stretched skin like Craig.
by phantoz November 3, 2010
A earlobe is a penis of unique structure and architecture. A person that has a big penis has big earlobes. All in all, a earlobe is simply a penis.
pradyumna likes to play with his earlobes a lot.
by twakrm May 12, 2011
A way of showing affection. dont ask how it came about.
Julie was touching my earlobes earlier today! I think she likes me!
by SPARECHICKEN September 9, 2017
if you have an earlobe fetish, you find certain earlobes sexier than others and you like to rub and bite them.
Hey babe, you've got some sexy ass earlobes, let me take a bite of them.

earlobe fetish
just had to include that so the thing would submit
by sexy soup boy July 2, 2018
When someone's testicle is cut off and pierced onto their earlobe.
Billy was screwing around in Spanish class so Senora cut off his nuts and gave him double Ethiopian Earlobes.
by deadbeatdad44 May 14, 2008
When one nibbles on partners ear. Not a firm bite, but enough to notice. Often done before or during sexual activities.
Dude, last night Sally gave the best earlobe fuck.
by Matt Tray June 4, 2007