An abbreviation that = (P)retty (H)ot (A)nd (T)hick
Despite the previous definitions, this is the modern definition for the abbreviation! Used to describe a beautiful girl.
Cool Girl: Does this sundress make me look fat?
Cool Guy: Nah, if anything it makes you look Phat, Pretty Hot and Thick.
by TheBigBootyConnoisseur August 20, 2015
Pretty, hot, and tempting
incorrect acronym
"Damn that Jadzia is PHAT"
by Jadzzz June 29, 2017
Thick or heavy, as opposed to F-A-T which means adipose. Originated with Jazz musicians to describe sounds. Later used by rockers to describe tones produced by distorting signals (as from electric guitars).
Flanger gives your tone more bite; chorus makes it phat.

Most plumbers just play clean or dirty. Bird plays downright phat.
by agapathos September 23, 2003
Pretty Hot and Thick

An endearment for gorgeous plus sized girls.
"The way her body curves is so PHAT"
by Raven Kemper June 13, 2010
Dylin: Damn! Kattie is PHAT! (pronounced as 'fat')

Marc: nah bro, she is thick
Dylan: thats what im sayin, PRETTY HOT AND THICK!
Marc: oh i got u!
by LlamaMama902 January 20, 2015
Word used by those with a limited vocabulary to describe something which they find quite good.
Anorexia is PHAT!
by dunce April 1, 2003
Son, that girl had all PHAT!
by djgemini April 23, 2003