When you call someone fat but you save it up by calling them

P- pretty

H- hot

A- and

T- tempting
You: Wow Selena Gomez is getting fat

Some easily triggerd feminist: excuse me?


Some easily triggerd feminist: wow great save
by Koolest smartie November 01, 2016
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pre used as a way to describe "hip" people. now a simple acronym.
dang, you're not fat, you're PHAT! Get off the couch and quit eating week0old cheet-os
by Sk0otur!1! November 21, 2004
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Ph - Physically
At - Attractive
Also a slang term for something cool
Jason: Got a new dirt bike yesterday
Chris: Aww phat
by B** May 26, 2009
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Word which means absolute bollocks but thats understandable as it was created by knob head townies who couldn't get a GCSE after 30 years of learning the same subject.
by Arran Delieu March 28, 2004
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:Physically Hype Aesthetically tight meaning that its look wicked and great quality
yo you have a P.H.A.T ride
by Faizel October 19, 2003
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cool, great, excellent (from an alternate spelling of fat)
by Light Joker March 23, 2005
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pretty HOT and TEMPTING.

90.9999999999924348358050232943% of the authors on
urban dicktionary consider themselves !pHaT!
Damn!!Dang!!That bitch is pHaT!!
Damn!!Dang!!That guy is pHaT!!
by ~jobella~ April 29, 2008
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