Untapped ability to achieve great things.
He's earning mid-B's so far this year, but he has tremendous potential. I think he'll end up with an A if he starts studying.
by Diggity Monkeez February 11, 2005
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a male or female who someone feels has the potential to be their boy/girlfriend and have a short - long term relationship with based on looks and personality, often used as a short hand for potential boyfriend/girlfriend, and can be referred to as PB or PG
Sarah asks Jenny if shes seen any potential at work,and she responds that there is a nice guy she likes. he is her Potential , because she considers the possibility of becoming an item
by esmerelda darkeagle October 8, 2010
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Its a nice way of saying that you suck and need to get better at what you do
"Kid, you can go a long way, you have great potential" said the coach to the young athlete.
by criticalchampion March 13, 2015
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What is possible in the future. What can be done.
Bobby Sue Garantula had so many legs of potential, it is a damn shame that she is crawling webs with Charlotte with only three legs left.accomplishachieveresultsbecomeactualizegoalcompletefinish
by Pathfinder and Phoenix August 13, 2015
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The Possibility that a person has a chance of getting laid.
"Man look at all that potential over there"!

"She has plenty of potential"
by andy-joey December 11, 2007
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The word used as an escape when commonly found in a tricky conversation. An easy answer for a yes or no question without consequences. The better form of Maybe. Often most affective when said while using hand gestures.
Speaker 1: "Did you punch yourself in the face while dancing awkwardly?"
Speaker 2: "um... eh. Potentially..."
by steffers_11 December 31, 2011
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