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1.) A person who is known for their negative outlook upon life.

Related: cynic
Katie: You are such a pessimist!

Dante: You are going to die, too.
by Manawski February 23, 2003
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pessimists are the happiest people

optimists are always getting their hopes up, setting high goals, but when they undoubtedly fail, they just have that mouch more to be depressed about. pessimists on the other hand always anticipate the worst and never set their goals high, that way when they fail they have less to be depressed about. as an added bonus, if a pessimists sets their goals low and actually achieves or surpasses them, they will be even happier
bob is an optimist and he hopes to get a 90% on the test
bill is a pessimists and doubts if he'll even pass the test
both bob and bill get a 70% on the test, which makes bob sad because he missed his goal by 20%, bill on the other hand is exstatic because not only did he pass, but he got a B-.
by pb foot April 06, 2010
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Someone who is rarely disappointed, but sadly, very rarely pleasantly surprised.
A pessimist is a misunderstood realist, who would like to visit the planet optimists live on, but wouldn't like to live there.
by caster1 January 15, 2008
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What people now call a realist.
It's not pessimistic to acknowledge a cup half empty as long as you know its also half full.
by Lucinda Belle 444 October 08, 2015
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a pessimist is a realist - an optimist is largely unrealistic
when things are going wrong, a pessimist says what everyone else is thinking
by shannon January 08, 2004
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A Pessimist is a Person who will Generally, most of the time, see the Negative, Bad, Flaw-filled or Imperfect about Virtually Anything, no matter how Neutral or Positive it could be, however, a Pessimist is not always Pessimistic.

Being a Pessimist is not always bad either, everyone's Pessimistic and Negative sometimes, just not as much as a Pessimist, Pessimism can be good when you have to think Realistic about something, but sometimes it can be very bad and extremely Annoying to hear someone using Pessimism.








by Hiii111 September 28, 2012
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