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1.) A shortened form of the phrase "Indeed, that is a prodigious idea, my African-American brother!"
Would you desire some more orange flavoured soda?

fo' shizzle my nizzle!
by Manawski March 30, 2003

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1.) The common definition for highly pornographic materials. Consider any pornographic material containing "XXX" to be the ultimate...

2.) The common marking for jugs of moonshine, or other backwoods alcoholic beverages in movies, cartoons or television shows.

2.) A movie which contains the antithesis to all actors, Vin Diesel.
1.) Woah! Da'zz sum GRAET PRON! IZ XXX!!!!!11!!

2.) If it's whiskey, why do they call it "XXX?"

3.) You paid to watch "XXX?" You're stupid.
by Manawski March 04, 2003

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1.) Shortened form of Asian.

2.) Today, commonly used by non-Asians to identify themselves as Asians. This can be contributed to the fact that most self-respecting Asians would not be caught dead doing some of the actions "AzN's" perform on the internet.
AzNpRyDe: MaI H0nDa i2 FaSt!!!!11!!!

Manawski: What.
by Manawski February 26, 2003

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1.) A person who is known for their negative outlook upon life.

Related: cynic
Katie: You are such a pessimist!

Dante: You are going to die, too.
by Manawski February 23, 2003

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1.) In Multiplayer games, the act of remaining in one spot (usually secluded) with a sniper rifle or other area waiting for enemy players to emerge as easy targets. Generally looked upon as a "cheap" method of gaining kills.
uber1337: I'm going to camp their spawns.

Manawski: Not if I team-kill you first.
by Manawski February 23, 2003

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1.) A Japanese-based automobile manufacturer that was once known for outstanding technological innovations and engineering perfection.

2.) Currently, another face in the crowd. Chosen most commonly by ricers and people who think that American cars are purely crap.
d00d: My Civic has NAWWWZZZ!

Manawski: My Escort isn't a Honda.
by Manawski February 26, 2003

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1.) Nitrous Oxide Systems, a company which creates systems for distributing Nitrous Oxide to automobile engines.

2.) Commonly accepted replacement for the term "Nitrous Oxide." However, this is not correct, and anyone who says "NOS" instead of Nitrous Oxide should be shot.
Manawski: Didn't you read my definition?
by Manawski March 04, 2003

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