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pessimists are the happiest people

optimists are always getting their hopes up, setting high goals, but when they undoubtedly fail, they just have that mouch more to be depressed about. pessimists on the other hand always anticipate the worst and never set their goals high, that way when they fail they have less to be depressed about. as an added bonus, if a pessimists sets their goals low and actually achieves or surpasses them, they will be even happier
bob is an optimist and he hopes to get a 90% on the test
bill is a pessimists and doubts if he'll even pass the test
both bob and bill get a 70% on the test, which makes bob sad because he missed his goal by 20%, bill on the other hand is exstatic because not only did he pass, but he got a B-.
by pb foot April 6, 2010
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a play on words of the base system used to describe your intimate situation with another person. fart base is the point in a relationship when you are comfortable farting in their presence. also called the fart barrier
Jack accidentally got to fart base with Jill when he let one slide on their second date.
by pb foot February 26, 2010
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mass quantites of condoms (new in wrappers) are thrown around like confetti at a party.
a fairly disgusting concept. one should avoid any party where condomfetti will be thrown around.
Bill and Bob thought it would be a great idea to get some condomfetti for the party they were planning, thinking it would lead to many "happy endings". however, they neglected to realize how hard it would be to clean up all the condomfetti after the party and had some explaining to do when their parents came home.
by pb foot January 17, 2010
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the most noble of all qualities of a man. being a gentleman means being courteous, gallant, chivalrous, selfless, kind, friendly, well mannered, ethical, and of strong moral fiber.

a man should strive to be a gentleman for the betterment of women, not to attract women. (don't expect to attract women just because you are a gentleman, or expect recognition for your behaviour, or you're simply a poseur)

pretending to be a gentleman in an attempt to get women is looked down upon
Bob always holds doors for others, offers friends rides if they need to get somewhere, doesnt curse in the presence of a lady, never speaks ill of others, and is general a gentleman.
by pb foot January 27, 2010
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What you become when a "friend" only wants to see or communicate with you in a certain environment, such as at school or work, but never outside of that environment to just hang out.

Also can be a friend that only ever talks to you when they need something from you, such as a ride somewhere or help with a school assignment.
When talking to this person, you might find that you feel like you are being brushed off.
Christine: Hey Chris, i was wondering if you could send me a scan of that chemistry assignment 'cause i lost mine. Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, could i get a ride to school with you tomorrow?

Chris: Yeah, i'll scan the assignment and send it in a few minutes. i'll be at your house at about 7:45 tomorrow.

Christine: Thanks buddy

Chris: No prob. Hey, what are you doing this weekend? I was thinking about going paintballing or seeing a movie. Want to come?

Christine: I can't, i have ahh...(eyes starting shifting and hands start fidgeting) dentist apointment, but maybe after that i could, i'll txt you on the weekend.

*Chris never heard back from Christine on the weekend because Chris is just a Convenience Friend to Christine
by pb foot March 8, 2010
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also called a pseudo-girl/boy friend

a close friend of the opposite sex that you spend a lot of time with and talk to often much the same as you would with a girl/boyfriend, though they never will become your girl/boyfriend due to factors such as, but not limited to: age difference, the other person being in a relationship, the other person living too far away, fear of ruining the friendship etc.

You will often to "date-like" things with them, such as: go to dinner and a movie, take them to a party to introduce them to your friends, or have them meet your parents. though you will never do other "date-like" things, such as: hold hands while walking, get/give a kiss goodnight, have them to a big family function like Christmas dinner etc.

can be a cause of grief and jealousy if one of the friends is in a relationship and their girl/boyfriend feels threatened by the surrogate friend.

NOT to be mistaken for a friend with benefits, there are no sexual conotations on a surrogate friend.
Bob: i feel so bad for Tim, he really likes Sharon but she's been with her boyfriend for 8 months now, so Tim really has no chance

Bill: i know eh, they go to movies almost once a week, and Tim always pays. And they went on that camping trip on the long weekend. If someone didnt know better, they'd think Tim and Sharon were going out

Bob: Tim only wishes that was the case. Poor guy is hung up on her bad. Sharon is like his surrogate girlfriend

*having a surrogate girl/boyfriend sucks
by pb foot May 17, 2010
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Abbreviation of FaceBook Creeper, or can be simple called a 'creeper'.

A creeper/FBC will frequently view other people's pages, info and photos, even though they may hardly know the people.
ex -

Jack is such an FBC, he keeps looking at the photos Jill posted of the party she had on the weekend, even though he hardly knows her and wasnt even at the party.

ex -

Bob - "Hey guys, did you see that Sue got a new phone number?"
Bill - "Sue who?"
Bob - "Sue Miller"
Bill - "Why would you know that she got a new cell number, you dont even know her?"
Bob - "She changed her cell number in the info section of her Facebook profile"
Bill - "Dude, you're such an FBC"
by pb foot February 6, 2010
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