78 definitions by shannon

The act of outwardly ignoring something which you are acutely aware and/or guilty of.
I'm just going to stay home and play it off like I don't remember telling my Grandma I'd help her sort yarn tonight.
by shannon September 9, 2003
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Anal sex between man/man or man/woman where after the male cums he sucks the sperm out of the others rectum and snowballs with him/her
Justin fletched me last night and my ass still hurts.
by shannon February 7, 2005
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Hottest man alive. He has a kickass accent. Best actor ever.
Me: "Let's have sex."
Hugh: "Sounds good to me."
by shannon April 6, 2005
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girl who wears really tragic outfits but thinks she is really stylish; as in, fashion police, woo-woo!
what the heck is woo-woo girl wearing today? shes a perfect candidate for What not to Wear
by shannon November 1, 2004
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sleepy, bored, takes naps a lot
Yeah, we take naps a lot. We're just nappy people.
by shannon August 23, 2003
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"My Family"
"If you don't claim folk, you can't bang wit us"

"What up, folk?"
by shannon November 26, 2003
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A continuos rank shit smelling fart that comes in a constant cloud. Can be silent or extremely loud.
Joey's plume butt made the car reek for hours.
by shannon March 14, 2005
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