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A program that facilitates the transmission of viruses across the intarweb. Also used for reading and sending emails.
Oh bollocks, outlook just crashed my machine :(
by . January 21, 2004
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Small town in the middle of Saskatchewan.

Population approx. 2,500.
Where are you from?



Outlook, Saskatchewan

by Mystery ;) November 27, 2008
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The only tool you have to learn if you wish to pursue a career in Marketing, any other knowledge is unnecessary. Such people have become kindly referred to as "Cut And Paste Outlook Technicians" by System Admins as this terms accurately describes the sum of their computer knowledge.

When used by Marketing personnel, Outlook must take on special powers which allows it to handle attachments of many Gigabytes. This is all achieved by repeating clicking the Send/Receive button. Marketing people also have intricate knowledge of all of Outlook's flags and colour-coding systems as this allows the recipients of their many emails to read them in order from β€œURGENT” through to β€œVERY URGENT”. This also helps to optimise the passing-the-blame process for when things go wrong.
"Nevermind burning those files to a DVD, I can't access that. Just cut and paste them into Outlook and send them to me..."
by newmediamonkey August 17, 2007
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