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someone who is friendly,warm and kind to strangers and people from all walks of life
Gary is such a people person he can get along with almost anybody.
by Gerard Irick April 13, 2009
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A very talkative person who has great communicative skills and talk to everyone with no trouble.
It's said of people that work in Human Resources, solving other people problems and giving opinions.
I'm applying for this job because I think I have great communication skills. I like to talk to everyone, so, I'm certainly a "People-person".
by arruda October 25, 2009
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A term used to describe someone who has no discernable skills. Often used by the person themselves it situations such as a job interview.
I am a people person, and would make a good team leader.
by stev3r April 24, 2006
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1)One who possesses the traits that enable him or her to converse with anybody
2)The opposite of NoeL
3)The opposite of telling a lady at McDonalds that you aren't loyal to me
by Chris g December 27, 2004
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a peopleperson is a being that can do anything. They can die from stupid looking things like Sting Rays. They can elect an orange as president. They can crash into buildings. They can wins the most gold medals ever. They can fuck up the british in 1776 and 1812, but then help them fuck up the nazis. Then they get in a plane and fly to jupiter, where the frenches make theyr bagets in the eifel tower. but a big earthquake happens on juliter and a big chunk of it flys out and becomes the moon. They are peoplepersons
What drugs was the peopleperson who wrote this on while they made this definition?
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