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1. A rank in the German Gestapo. Penus Oberschutze. The next rank in line is Penusin Oberschutze. Der, everyone knows that.
1. Oh no it's the fuhrer!!
by spleen October 27, 2004
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When one team totally smacks around another for a win.
Man they had their asses handed to them, I have never seen such a zonquist.
by Spleen August 11, 2004
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Coming from the area code 0404. The people who dwell in this area speak with distingtive slur. Much like a drunk person would.

To mean redneck or rural-folk
"llo, im from wicka, tis qwer and good down der." said Cletus

"Fuck, you must be an 0404"
by Spleen May 07, 2004
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Mallet = E
Going to go get a few Mallets
by Spleen November 18, 2003
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A white boy trying to be black.
Holy shit, what a scrappy!
by Spleen July 24, 2003
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