16 definitions by a person that hates minecraft

1. d*ck liquid

2. cucumber water (really)

Jake: where are you bby?
Melisa: here my daddy;)
Jake: remember what we're doing tonight;)
Melisa: I will;)

Later that night

Melisa: ahh~ im going to cum~
Jake: goes faster*
Melisa: Ahhh~ cums*
Jake: flips her over and fucks her pussy*
Melisa: ahhhhhhhhhhh~ h-harder~
Jake: puts entire cock in*
Melisa: ahhhhhhhh~~
Jake: licks pussy*
Melisa: oh god harder now!
Jake: licks inside*
Melisa: ahhh~ puts legs apart*
Jake: puts cock inside and fucks*
Melisa: ahh~ harder~~
Jake: puts dick in and out*
Melisa: fastterr!
Jake: Oh yea I'm gonna burst you little pussy~~
Melisa: Ahhhh~ cums*
Jake: goes faster*
Melisa: AHHHH~
by a person that hates minecraft November 4, 2020
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